Founder Testimonials

“Lebone has been an integral part of MYAVANA’s growth when it came to critical moments of fundraising to capitalize on the market value we have created through our technology and needing the resources to become sustainable in the long-term. Not only did she help me bring in capital during a major growth stage for the business, she also provided me with wise counsel as I navigated major contract opportunities that increased the valuation of the company.”

Candace Mitchell | Founder & CEO, MYAVANA (Georgia)

“Lebone was consistent, thoughtful and always followed through on what she said she would do above and beyond her cash investment.”

Darnell Jones | Co-Founder & President, POWERHANDZ (Texas)

“Lebone created that value for us as a bootstrapped company through her expansive network, decades of corporate and start-up experience, and calmness in the face of economic adversity. She guided us through a pivot during a pandemic and looming recession. Due to her coaching we only needed to bootstrap for just under two years. I can only imagine the exponential value she can provide by investing in founders like us.”

Pavani Peri | Co-Founder & CEO, ACTA Solutions (North Carolina)

“As a valued strategic advisor, Lebone brought a wealth of strategic thinking and industry expertise to the table, which proved invaluable as we navigated the fundraising process. Her ability to identify key opportunities and potential challenges helped us secure the capital we needed to take our startup to the next level. “

Kimba Williams | Founder & CEO, Kushae (Florida)

“Lebone Moses has provided our startup many valuable gems on our entrepreneurship journey. Having never started a business before, Lebone has helped guide us to answer critical questions from how we pay employees when we are not yet profitable to making sure what we are creating adds value and has product market fit. Without Lebone’s guidance we know we could have made serious missteps that may have left us struggling (even more than we already were!) She is a beacon of light that every entrepreneur needs.”

Nicole Hawthorne | Founder & CEO, Jayla’s Heirlooms (North Carolina)

“Lebone has been instrumental in providing us advice on negotiating employment contracts and contractor agreements  – key milestones in our business establishment journey that helped us secure great team members (and ensured our legal protection).  Due to her help and support, we have been able to position ourselves as more professional, organized and capable.  This has helped us deliver better pitches and attract interested investors sooner.”

Stephanie Louis | Founder & CEO, Sotro Innovations (New York)

“Lebone is sharp, energetic, present and fully invested in our success. I have appreciated her direct feedback which has always been right on the money. As a startup CEO, I feel invincible knowing that she is in my corner!”

Chantal Pierrat | Founder & CEO, Emerging Women (Colorado)

“Lebone helped us understand one of the most important activities for any entrepreneur, raising capital. Her knowledge of not just the process of raising capital but the “dos and don’ts” and unspoken rules of selling to investors were invaluable. Lebone’s guidance was both well-informed, honest and unique to our business’ unique situation. We’ll always consider Lebone a trusted adviser for MKP Products, LLC and would recommend her to any entrepreneur looking for strategic and financial direction.”

Mike Johnson & Koray Benson | Co-Founders, MKP Products (District of Columbia)

“What I love most about Lebone is how approachable she is.  From the first time we met she has always been forthcoming with her advice and her experience.  She is very genuine and unapologetic about her perspective.  She also provides unique insight from both the investor spectrum and entrepreneur to help you see both sides of the chess board.  She is beyond passionate to help startups in all stages and will help you plan for your startup’s success!”

Isis Ashford | Co-Founder & CCO, Xplosion (Texas)

“Lebone Moses was very helpful and extremely insightful in regard to what my startup company should be categorized as, as well as knowledgeable in avenues I could take in raising revenue.  The time Lebone spent with me didn’t feel rushed and I felt her full engagement…”

Allison Dixon | Founder & CEO, UK Kore (Massachusetts)