Client Testimonials

“Lebone is sharp, energetic, present and fully invested in our success. I have appreciated her direct feedback which has always been right on the money. As a startup CEO, I feel invincible knowing that she is in my corner!”

Chantal Pierrat, Founder/CEO, Emerging Women (Colorado)

“Lebone helped us understand one of the most important activities for any entrepreneur, raising capital. Her knowledge of not just the process of raising capital but the “dos and don’ts” and unspoken rules of selling to investors were invaluable. Lebone’s guidance was both well-informed, honest and unique to our business’ unique situation. We’ll always consider Lebone a trusted adviser for MKP Products, LLC and would recommend her to any entrepreneur looking for strategic and financial direction.”

Mike Johnson and Koray Benson, Co-Founders, MKP Products, LLC (District of Columbia)

“What I love most about Lebone is how approachable she is.  From the first time we met she has always been forthcoming with her advice and her experience.  She is very genuine and unapologetic about her perspective.  She also provides unique insight from both the investor spectrum and entrepreneur to help you see both sides of the chess board.  She is beyond passionate to help startups in all stages and will help you plan for your startups success!”

Isis Ashford, Co-Founder/CCO, Xplosion (Texas)

“Lebone Moses was very helpful and extremely insightful in regard to what my startup company should be categorized as, as well as knowledgeable in avenues I could take in raising revenue.  The time Lebone spent with me didn’t feel rushed and I felt her full engagement…”

Allison Dixon, Founder/CEO, UK Kore (Massachusetts)